Rush Order

Rush Order


This Rush Order item should be added to your shopping cart if you need your order bumped to the front of the line for processing. 

This is a rush for the processing, NOT the shipping method.

If you are fine with the shipping methods normally used, choose the option that just says RUSH ORDER. As long as the USPS is working normally (they do have their off days), packages will arrive from Moo G to anywhere on the West Coast in 2 days and to anywhere on the East Coast in 4 days. 

Should you want your order bumped to the front of the processing line AND for your order to ship via Priority Mail (2-3 days within the US), choose the option that says RUSH ORDER & PRIORITY SHIPPING. 

Please remember that shipping times are not guaranteed. Once your package leaves Moo G Clips, it is in the hands of the USPS. Generally speaking they arrive in the right time, but there are instances where they are delayed or something got lost.