Genuine Leather Hair Bows

Our leather bows are a hit! They're great for all ages, from baby to big girl. They are available on elastic headbands or our no slip alligator clips and some on ponytail holders. Every hair bow is handmade and made from genuine leather.

Our leather bows are perfect for a special occasion or for adventuring and playing. Our clips are no slip and twirl proof. The leather collection includes leather rainbow hair clips, leather ice cream cone hair clips, princess crowns, alphabet statement personalized hair clips, rocker hair bows, classic bows, leather heart hair clips and leather stars hair clips. In the Spring and Summer, our beloved genuine leather butterfly hair bows are available and they are always a favorite. 

There are many sizes, styles and colors to chose from like our basic shape or large and smaller knot shapes.

There will be a limited amount of the individual leather bows because of the limited quantity of each piece of leather. If you see something you like, don't wait until it's gone!

You can start your Moo G leather collection now!

*****Please note that leather has natural markings as it comes from a hide and you may see a marking on your bow. Also, please keep in mind that no two pieces of leather are identical.*****