What are the payment methods available?
Moo G Clips currently accepts all major credit cards, Amazon Pay, and PayPal. We now offer Afterpay and Sezzle as checkout options, where you can order now and make 4 equal payments every two weeks on orders over $35 (zero interest, no credit checks, and no fees). 

What if I want a different color ribbon or color combination than what is shown on your website?

We're happy to customize your Moo G band, bow or clip. Please contact us to find out about our color and ribbon options. If we don't have your request in stock, we'll work with you to customize your Moo G order.

Do you do custom orders?

Yes! Moo G Clips creates custom orders for specific outfits and all special occasions (weddings, parties, family portraits, etc). You can email us pictures of the clothing you would like us to match the order to, and we will work together to create the perfect look. 

What happens if a headband or clip breaks?

Moo G Clips and Bands are delicate and should be treated as such. If there was an error in the order or if something broke during the shipping process, we will exchange/replace the item. If your clip or band breaks as a result of being mishandled, (for example someone stepping on it), Moo G will not exchange or replace it. Girls who are younger than age 5 should have help with their hard bands. Pulling on the ends to see how wide the band can open is something that very young girls tend to do. Unfortunately that would result in any headband breaking.

How should I store my Moo G Clips and Bands?

To help prevent wear and tear, damage and to prolong the life of your Moo G products, Moo G recommends storing your items carefully (our clip hangers, a headband holder, a vase, a decorated roll of paper towel, a sealed bin with items placed carefully). The more your Moo G Clips and Bands are handled, the more wear and tear on the items. Moo G Clips and Bands are hand made designer items and should be treated as such.

Are Moo G Clips waterproof?

No, Moo G Clips and Bands are not waterproof. That includes washing machines, showers, a swimming pool, the beach, and babies/toddlers sucking on their clips.

Which kind of clip or band is best for me to buy?

You have so many Moo G options! Please consider the age of the child, how much hair she has and the texture of her hair.


What is your turnaround time?

Moo G Clips will send your order out as soon as possible, but please allow up to 10 business days (due to how COVID has turned everything upside down, kids are at home for school, etc, this was extended by a few days) from the time your order is placed until your order is shipped (when it leaves Moo G Clips). That does not include actual shipping time. ATTENTION: If you have purchased during a big sale like Black Friday or a Facebook Showcase event, please allow 1-3 extra days.

How much does shipping cost?

Orders within the US that are $0 - $34.99 have a flat rate shipping & handling fee (USPS First Class Mail) of $5.
If you spend $35 or more your shipping and handling is FREE!!

Do you ship internationally?

Due to the changes with GDPR, at the moment we do not ship internationally. Should you want an order shipped internationally, please first contact us, so we can arrange it. 

If I need my order rushed, is that possible?

Moo G Clips can rush the process (order shipped next business day) of your order for a fee of $10. This is a rush for the processing, NOT the shipping method. Add this item to your cart for rush orders. 

Do you gift-wrap?

Each Moo G Clip is packaged in its' own individual clear bag with hang tab and Moo G label. It's all ready for gift giving and Moo G would be happy to send the gift for you at no extra charge, which includes a handwritten note with your personal message on a gift card. Just mention in the cart notes that this is a gift and what note you would like written.

A note from Moo G Clips:
While we take great care in the assembly of our products, some of our clips may contain small pieces and some are small pieces themselves. Please supervise small children at all times while using our products. Moo G Clips also suggests taking off any clips and/or bands before nap time, bed time, and while in a car seat. Moo G Clips are not waterproof and should be handled gently. By purchasing Moo G Clips' products, the purchaser takes all risks associated with these items and Moo G Clips is not held liable.