Light Rainbow Set

Light Rainbow Set

$12.50 USD

Introducing the Hair Clipology LITE!

Our regular Hair Clipology is a monthly subscription where we send you materials to make your own Moogies each month and I teach you via videos. Included is the Hair Clipology Hub with all of the monthly videos, the private Facebook community (with guest speakers/visitors), a private supply shop, and support from a wonderful community of moms. The Hair Clipology is only open to new members a few times a year and our next scheduled opening is in June. 

In light of what is going on in the world right now due to the Coronavirus, so many of us moms are home with our kids. All day. Every day. Some of our kids are doing distance learning (kuddos to teachers, am I right?), some are not. Either way, Moms are juggling everything and everyone. Moms and kids are also looking for fun things to do while they spend so much time in their home, which is what led to the creation of Hair Clipology LITE. 

The Hair Clipology LITE is a one time purchase of packages (no subscription needed!) where I send you the items needed to make your own Moogies. I will teach you how to make the Moogies with the contents of the packages via videos in the Moo G VIP Facebook group. There is no commitment and the packages are priced well below the retail price of the completed items you'll make. 

There are currently three different style packages to choose (rainbows, flowers, and velvets) from and each style has two color options. With six Hair Clipology LITE packages to choose from, you are sure to find one (or six!) that you want to make. 


This set is the Light Rainbow. In this package, you will have the materials to make a glitter rainbow no slip hair clip, a faux leather Kate style no slip hair bow, and two hair ties (I felt it apropos to have one that says GRATITUDE).


Rainbow hair clip: All of the pieces for the rainbow and clouds, and a no slip Moo G simple clip. 

Faux leather Kate bow: All of the pieces for the Kate bow and a no slip Moo G simple clip.

Hair ties: Two pieces of fold over elastic.

What you will need:

A glue gun, scissors, and a lighter.

The contents of this package retails (if you were to buy the items already made) for $17.


A note from Moo G Clips:
While we take great care in the assembly of our products, some of our clips may contain small pieces and some are small pieces themselves. Please supervise small children at all times while using our products. Moo G Clips also suggests taking off any clips and/or bands before nap time and bed time. Moo G Clips are not waterproof and should be handled gently. By purchasing Moo G Clips' products, the purchaser takes all risks associated with these items and Moo G Clips is not held liable. 

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So much fun to do!